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  • Product Features: 1. Suitable for lighting effects such as antique buildings and tower temples; 2. High-strength aluminum alloy precision casting lamp, good heat dissipation; 3. Use non-corrosive professional potting sealant for sealing and waterproofing; 4. Multiple installation methods, easy installation; 5. Optimized design using secondary optical lens; 6. Change colors can be freely matched, giving designers ample imagination;
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  • RH-S35C
       Technical Parameters 
    Rated power 18W Working temperature -30~+50℃
    Rated voltage DC24V Lamp lif >50000hours
    Rated current 0.75A Shell color Iron gray / dark gray
    Beam angle 15 Lighting material Die-cast aluminum+PC
    Light weight 1.07KG IP rating IP66
    Number of light sources and single power 18*1W Color or color temperature monochrome
    Luminous flux 1400LM~1800LM


        Instructions for use:
    1. Before use, check whether the components of the product are normal, and whether the power adapter is damaged or connected incorrectly. In case of damage, please contact us as soon as possible.
    2. The working voltage of the product should be connected according to the product label voltage. Do not exceed the working voltage range and frequency range on the label.






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