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Wall washer
Product Features:

1. All-aluminum shell design, 4mm safety tempered glass; full structure waterproof, protection grade up to IP66 or above

2. Can bring anti-glare hood to block glare and make it easier to get close

3. The mounting bracket can hide the screws perfectly, making the light fixture stronger and more beautiful.

4. The lens is specially designed for our company by a professional first-line brand lens supplier "Redick"; make its light distribution more professional

5. Bionic design, imitate the face shape of Leopard to design the lamp, make the lamp more spiritual and better integrate into the environment

6. Separation design of the cable trunking and the lamp body allows customers to lay the wiring first and then install the lighting; the wiring and the lighting can be installed correctly. Save customers time for valuable engineering installation!

7. Awarded 5 utility model patents and appearance patents by the National Patent Office



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额定功率 12~15W/PCS 额定工作环境温度 -30~+50℃
额定电压 DC24V 灯具寿命 >50000小时
额定电流 0.5A~0.625A 外壳颜色 铁灰色
光束角 20~60 灯具材质 挤出铝+钢化玻璃
灯具重量 KG IP等级 IP66
光源数量及单颗功率 24*0.5W/24*0.625W 颜色或色温 单色
光通量 840LM~1000LM

   Technical Parameters 
Rated power 12~15W/PCS Working temperature -30~+50℃
Rated voltage DC24V Lamp lif >50000hours
Rated current 0.5A~0.625A Shell color Iron gray
Beam angle 20~60 Lighting material Extruded aluminum +
tempered glass
Light weight KG IP rating IP66
Number of light sources and single power 24*0.5W/24*0.625W Color or color temperature monochrome
Luminous flux 840LM~1000LM


  Instructions for use:
  1. The (two-pin) male plug of the wall washer is a power input cable, connected to a DC24V switching power supply, and the (two hole) female plug is a power output cable.
  2. The working voltage of the product should be connected according to the product label voltage. Do not exceed the working voltage range and frequency range on the label.




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